Mission Impotable

SDG No. 6 – Clean Water & Sanitation

6 Characters introduce each subgoal of the SDG No. 6
Explaining why the vast majority of water on the blue planet is no freshwater.
The first storymap takes place in at the outskirts of Lima and is about drinking water, Sara and big wall.
This story-map features a transboundary RAMSAR-Site at the border between Austria and Germany, of which the forester Sepp takes care of.

Mapping the Sustainable Development Goals

Six storymaps and an introductory brochure aim to illustrate the Subgoals of the Sustainable Development Goal 6, related to sustainable management of the resource water. They were created for educational purpose, to be used in classrooms of 17 years olds. Their overall goal is to engage and inform about the SDG No. 6 through meaningful stories and with this to contribute to a sense of place rather than space.

Personal Project / Bachelor Thesis
September 2018
Research Division Cartography, TU Wien
  • Printed Maps (DIN A4 Brochure, 6 DIN A4 Maps)
  • for educational Use